Obama: Courts Probably No Longer Needed In United States, his Dictates Enough

Patriot News


Obama: Courts not needed on health care law

By Robert Romano

obama in germany“This should be an easy case. Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up.”

That was President Barack Obama at the G-7 summit in Germany blasting the Supreme Court for daring to even question whether a key portion of the health care law should be enforced as written in the upcoming King v. Burwell decision.

At issue is a controversial Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule that allows health care subsidies to be paid through federal exchanges.

The controversy is that the health care law only ever authorized subsidies to private insurers be paid through the state exchanges, not the federal ones. By not setting up state exchanges, as 36 states have opted out of, whether some $800 billion a year of subsidies get distributed is very much in question.

The pending Supreme Court ruling will…

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