Saudi secessionist movement ‘Ahrar al-Najran’ captures Saudi military base

Imho, The End is coming for the royal Saudi puppets family

the real Syrian Free Press

Najran tribes declared war against the occupying Saudi regime, stressing that the House of Saud represents corruption on the Earth

Najran region

‘Ahrar al-Najran’ Movement in Control of Saudi Military Base

(FNA) ~ The Saudi opposition movement, ‘Ahrar al-Najran’, announced that it has gained control of a military base in Southern Saudi Arabia.

The movement announced that the Saudi military base is located in al-Masha’liya region, South of Najran region.

‘Ahrar al-Najran’ movement also said that its forces had tough clashes with the Saudi military men in Khabash region located 10km to the South of Najran Center.

Activists in Najran region told FNA that several Saudi forces were killed during the conflicts in Najran residential areas.

Tribal forces and activists in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region formed a military and political opposition movement to the Saudi regime, called ‘Ahrar al-Najran’ after the region declared earlier this week that it has separated from Saudi…

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