Latest Novorossiya Military Reports ~ [24-25 June 2015]

the real Syrian Free Press


  • 15 Building Destroyed by Ukrainian Shellings in DPR
  • Russia’s 31st Humanitarian Aid Convoy Heads to Donbass
  • Yemen Attacks Kill 3 Saudi, 1 Emirati Soldiers
  • ISIS Blow Up 2 Historic Shrines in Palmyra

  • Kiev forces have violated the ceasefire regime over 50 times yesterday. A total of 54 shells of 82 mm and 120 mm caliber have been fired at the republic’s territory, DPR’s defence ministry said, adding that Kiev forces also use grenade launchers and small arms. Moreover, 15 residential buildings destroyed over the past 24 hours in Dokuchaevsk, the local administration head said.
  • The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoy with humanitarian aid has set off to Donbass today. The 100-truck convoy is to supply Donbass with over 1,000 tonnes of relief aid – foodstuffs and 32 tonnes of medicines airlifted to the regional capital city Rostov-on-Don. The foodstuffs are pasta, cereal, flour and tea.


  • A Saudi officer and…

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