On Request by Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russian Parliament Unanimously Approves Use of Its Army in Syria to Fight All Kind of Terrorist-Mercenaries

the real Syrian Free Press

(included in the video-report, a great statement by Bashar al-Jaafari, Syrian ambassador to the United Nations)

The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Consent was necessary for use of the country’s military for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution.

The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria, head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told media. There are thousands of them, and Russia’s national security would be under threat, should they return home, he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin - photo by Alexei Nikolsky-Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin – (photo by Alexei Nikolsky-Reuters)

“This is not about reaching for some foreign policy goals, satisfying ambitions, which our…

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