President Putin: “The only regular and legitimate Army in Syria is the Syrian Arab Army led by President Bashar al-Assad and this army is confronting terrorist organizations, not opposition”

the real Syrian Free Press


Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his call for uniting efforts to fight terrorism which poses a threat to many states and millions of people around the world.

In an interview given to CBS, Putin said:

“Today, terrorism threatens a great number of states, a great number of people – hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffer from its criminal activity. And we all face the task of joining our efforts in the fight against this common evil,”adding that in this regard,“Russia has proposed cooperation to the countries in the region and is trying to establish some kind of coordination framework for it”.

Regarding the Russian military presence in Syria, Putin said that Russia’s activities have been limited to supplying weapons to the Syrian government, training personnel and providing humanitarian aid for the Syrian people.

“We act based on the United Nations Charter, i.e. the fundamental principles of modern…

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