Photo Proof – Identifying the “FSA” WARNING: Disturbing Images

the real Syrian Free Press

Please pardon my rather long absence. I was doing quite an extensive investigation on who exactly was the “FSA,” “Free Syrian Army,” or “Moderate Rebels.” What I thought would take me a few weeks at most turned out to be AT LEAST 10 articles. I will get them out as fast as I can. I’ll start with this first one since there seems to be so much confusion regarding this subject to people who mainly watch the mainstream media.

To those of you who read our news, please share these images so they may reach those reporting false reports from “Syrian Activists.” Again, I dont take much stalk in a news story that shows no proof of their “claim,” and you shouldnt either. After all, without proof, they are just “claims.” Dont by into it. Dont assume they are true because you saw it on the news. News is scripted these…

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