Syrian expatriates hold demonstrations across the world to thank Russia for its support


the real Syrian Free Press

The Syrians express thanks to Russia who is fighting terrorism in Syria, defending peace and the international legitimacy, whereas the U.S. President, on the contrary, seeks to destroy Yemen, Syria and Iraq in the name of the international legitimacy


(SANA) ~ Branches of the National Union of Syrian Students in several Arab and foreign countriesĀ staged on Sunday events outside the Russian embassies and consulates expressing appreciation for Russiaā€™s support to Syria in its war against terrorism.

Held as part of a series of similar events carried out in cooperation with the Syrian embassies and the Syrian communities in a number of countries across the world, the stands aim at showing thanks and gratitude to Russia for its firm position in support of Syria and its direct involvement in the fight against terrorism in the country.

On September 30, the Russian Air Force, acting upon a Syrian request, started air strikesā€¦

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