4 Turkish officers killed in joint raid by Syrian army and Hezbollah on NATO-backed terrorists’ command centre in Idlib


the real Syrian Free Press

Hezbollah an Elite Syrian Forces Attack Terrorists

Hezbollah & Elite Syrian Forces Attack Terrorists’ Operations Room in Idlib

The Lebanese-Syrian joint operational forces staged a raid on the gathering center of terrorists’ ringleaders and commanders in Idlib and ruined their operations room.

19 terrorists, including a number of militants’ commanders, as well as 4 Turkish officers were killed in the clashes.

Also unconfirmed reports said that Riad Mousa al-Asaad, a senior commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) (a former Colonel in the Syrian Air Force who defected in July 2011), had also been killed during the Saturday operations.

Other reports from Idlib said that the Syrian army killed tens of Al-Nusra Front terrorists, including a senior commander, in heavy clashes in Idlib countryside.

Abu Osama al-Raqa, a notorious Al-Nusra Front commander, was killed along with tens of other Takfiri terrorists in the Idlib countryside.

Meantime, the Syrian army regained control of several strategic regions, including…

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