Saudi regime renders control of Aden to “DAESH” mercenaries, as assassination attempts on local political figures are increasing

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Saudi regime renders control of Aden to “DAESH” mercenaries

(FNA) ~ Sources in Yemen disclosed on Sunday that Riyadh has transferred control over Yemen’s strategic Southern port city of Aden to its sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups, mainly ISIL.

Sources in Southern Yemen’s Protest Campaign revealed deployment of armed Takfiris in different parts of Aden and their Saudi-backed move to control the military and security headquarters.

A number of Southern Yemen’s Protest Campaign leaders told Al-Mayadeen news channel that Saudi Arabia supports the ISIL-affiliated terrorists in Aden financially and logistically to deploy their forces in different parts of the city based on an agreement made after secret meetings between commanders of the Saudi-led coalition and Takfiri leaders last week.

Based on the report, the situation in the Southern province of Taiz is not much different from Aden and Saudi Arabia is supporting the Takfiris in that region too to persuade them…

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