The Russian Bear in Syria ~ [Analysis of International and Local Developments, By Ziad Fadel]

the real Syrian Free Press


(By Ziad Fadel, SyrPer) ~ You can tell the West is miffed.  And you can tell Vlad is tiffed.  The grifter-Zionist-neo-con terrorists are waffling between opposing the Iranian nuclear agreement and trying (still) to topple the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic.  While all the hurly-burly is on display, stern-faced Republican apparatchiks vowing to stymy Obama’s planned rapprochement with Iran, the Russian, Iranians and Syrians continue to move forward with the plan that will dismember what is left of the West’s Frankenstein monster – the selfsame monster the West alleges it is fighting.


What are the developments which give rise to such optimism at SyrPer?  It should be clear.

1.  The governments of the world are beginning to see that breaking relations with Syria is not such a good idea, especially now, when the following is taking place:

1.a. Millions of refugees, not only from Syria, but from…

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