False Flag Alert [4] ~ NATO False Flag Massacres in Sinai, Beirut, Paris … and Now in Istanbul? ~ [by BrianHaw]

the real Syrian Free Press

(By BrianHaw) ~ The myriad of marathon ‘talks’ that ignore the lawful right of the Syrian government to defend civilians from the US-led colonial war of aggression continues.

This weekend the Vienna Talks will re-convene and be followed by a G2O meeting in Turkey, whose ‘government’ is a leading terror state funneling weapons and mercenaries into Syria, while opening borders to Europe.


…while turkey has become a terror crossroads of marathon proportions, this is one race the US secretary of state and war criminal john kerry who has long been been running from justice, won’t be taking part in.

On November 12th 2015, the US Secretary of State John Kerry gave another long winded speech at the Orwellian named ‘US Institute of Peace devoted to saying nothing of substance or legal standing, while repeating the ‘Assad must go’ mantra in the US-led war on Syria.

The US Secretary…

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