War Crimes [of which you will never hear about]: 10 civilians, including a family with kids, killed by U.S.-coalition in Raqqa prov.

the real Syrian Free Press


Raqqa, 21 November 2016 ~ Aircrafts of the U.S.-led international coalition committed a new massacre against Syrians, claiming the lives of more than ten persons in an airstrike on al-Salehia village in the northern countryside of Raqqa province.

Local and media sources said that coalition aircrafts targeted a modest cotton-spinning plant in al-Salehia village, claiming the lives of three workers, an entire family of six displaced people who were residing the village, some of whom were children, in addition to one local man.

The sources added that a number of locals were injured and significant material damage was caused to the locals’ properties and houses due to the airstrike.

Local Agencies by SANA (Manar al-Freih/Hazem Sabbagh)
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