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DAESH’s sadist criminals burn alive 4 Iraqi’s fighters ~ [WARNING: Graphic Images]


Daesh aka isisrael are nothing to do with Islam: salsa fists and Wahhabis are the evil war dog served satan and israhell. God Curse All! Amen.

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:


Mercenary-terrorists of the criminal gang known as DAESH (ISIS, ISIL) have committed and touted another heinous crime against humanity and against God.

They chained and hung up four Iraqi militiamen of the Popular Forces [fighting alongside the Iraqi Army] and burned them alive, according to the latest gruesome execution video footage posted online by the Daesh’s barbarian apes.


The victims have been suspended with chains attached to their hands and feet: then the fire was turned on and they were burned alive.

“Now retribution has come, for today, we will attack them as they attacked us, and punish them as they punished us”, so says a masked moron in a video circulating on terrorist’s web sites.

The videoclip is not dated and the masked ape did not said where the crime took place.



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